3-Week Avalanche Performance

5 min readOct 13, 2020


The Avalanche mainnet started as of September 21st and ended the exciting wait for those who followed the project, lovers, and those who bought from the public sale. The project, which has so far featured outstanding features in theory and testing, is now in the field. I will adapt a word of our ancestors that I love very much to this sector;

“Mirror of the blockchain is what it does, no whitepaper is looked at”

It can be said as follows for everyone to understand better;

‘’ I don’t trust words, I trust actions.’’

It’s exam time for the Avalanche.

As soon as the start wasn’t bad, Binance and Bitfinex were announced on the official channel. It then listed Huobi, Okex, Coinex and about 15 different exchanges. Some stock exchanges even organized prize campaigns for traders in the first week. Many unsung traders who were in demand for the project had already started to fool people in the 10–15 USD band by listing them as Future before the stock market was even started to the main network. People have been warned about this many times through official telegram channels.

In the first week of any coin, it is very little to list so many exchanges without incentives. You have heard many sub-coin Investors say that our coin is listed on Binance, Coinbase, but we have to fly, but this project has no price concerns. They will sooner or later reap the fruits of their work with the solutions and applications they bring to their demands.

The timing of the transition to the mainnet coincided with the American elections and a time when there was a shift to the dollar in the market and all assets were expected to sell. Even at such a time, the price has increased to 12 times the public sale, now it is around 8 times .

Without even 1 month of transition to the main network, the project continues on its way slowly and beautifully. Some of these are as follows;

  • AVAX futures listed on FTX
  • Binance and Bitfinex exchanghes market announcements
  • Avalanche won 6 project grant programs for ecosystem construction.

Avascan, VScout, aBlock, Magic, Halborn ve Tesseract

Avalanche is a long-term project with high expectations, with its unique consensus protocol and lightweight architecture, defined as 3.0, will solve many problems in the industry.

The problem of scaling with the ability to process min 4500 transactions per second, the speed of completing transactions with 1–2 seconds, the ability to provide a fully distributed database with cheap hardware requirements, thus enabling thousands of nodes to operate, increasing security and not encouraging monopolization, leaderless protocol structure, smart contracts. It has great advantages such as the ability to support many writing languages and facilitate operations, and the ability to easily set up a public or private blockchain with the desired rule directories.

I guess it would not be wrong if we could write the Avalanche blockchain in our minds as follows; It is a state-of-the-art highway. It is built on a single hat on the previous classical highways, has fewer lanes and when the density increases a little, there is a traffic deadlock. On this highway, there is no speed limit, you can reach very high speeds and your security threat is at minimum levels. In addition, you can define a private or public main road (route) on this highway if you want, and you can ensure that the rules you want are valid on this road. For example, I do not want the use of motorcycles and heavy trucks here, you can easily apply compelling rules such as using passenger cars with an engine> 2.0. Imagine that your capacity and speed increase as soon as you can carry your convoy to the Avalanche highway as it is, while you can use it instantly with maximum 2 trucks, 6 trucks, 50 passenger vehicles on your own outdated road and there may be a higher traffic jam. Everyone will definitely prefer this new highway as they learn, and the Avalanche highway is not subject to high toll charges like the ETH highway.

The project leader, Emin Gün Sirer, spends a lot of time in contact with Wall Street and central banks in many panels, sessions and forums. While listening to these, we will see very different, first-time innovative projects and applications that I understand on Avalanche network over time. Emin Bey’s vision is to be able to digitalize the values based on trust (commodities, stocks, real estate, precious stones,…..) that are not in the blockchain network to the chain network that everyone can control, without depending on trust. Do not be surprised if we see interesting practices such as tokenizing and selling possible future values, some valuable properties or fractional selling of high value values.

Our journey has just begun, have a good time.