My journey with Avalanche Hub and Avalanche

4 min readSep 23, 2020

I started to deal with the cryptocurrency world 4 years ago by breaking the prejudice that “I have digital money, we cannot properly own the banknote one, they kiss me in the air with virtual money.” Because I started to slowly understand that the future monetary system is being built and I thought that I should not be late and I said to research, As I researched, Einstein’s famous quote came to my mind, “It is harder to smash prejudices than to smash the atom.” Albert was right and still today there is a large mass of people who are biased towards this new monetary system.
While I was doing my research, I came across Emin Gür Sirer’s videos 2 years ago and that’s how I met Avalanche.
Of course, we broke off when our own work and occupations intervened, and we came to mind when we became a member of the site at the beginning of July 2020. You do the various tasks given here by observing the desired rules and you get Avalanche points and reputation points. There is a section and you earn points from here again. You also get extra points depending on the effect you make from your social media accounts where you share the tasks.

A very well designed and seriously followed system has been established. You know, make RT the link we send many projects, like it… etc. It distributes token with airdrops over social media connections such as, the difference is that it has been rewarded for the effort you put in learning the project and improving yourself with the tasks given.

I am a design enthusiast person, such as carving wood, making various woodworking items, but I have never dealt with things such as graphic design, video creation on the pc. I needed these to do maintenance tasks, I signed a paid subscription to a graphic program and saw that I made a lot of progress over time. I believe that the amount I will spend for the tasks will be very small compared to the points I earn in return. Of course, there are sites where you can do these works for free for a certain period of time. The tasks I want to tell here are infographic, video, article writing, caricature, translation… etc, very useful and fun for your own development.
While I was devoting my time and my labor to these works, I always thought that people were among themselves that Btc was once this much, even if I had been ordering pizza for millions of dollars, I wish I had been interested and put it aside, etc. … At this point, Avalanche has great potential and will come to good points in a few years. I imagine that I will enter this community early and collect AVAX tokens for my effort and then lean back with pleasure when it comes. Of course, I do not think that AVAX will ever come to the unit values that BTC has reached, but the amount of tokens I have collected is very good at x 3 digits. On the other hand, I regret that I missed the Denali test. friends, very lucky, each one of them was awarded 2000 AVAX for this test. I think this is very precious and I congratulate each of them.

At the time of writing this article, the transition to the main network took place. After the main network, the tasks and the distribution of AVAX coins will continue in the Hub. Of course, the unit price will change in the coin calculation for points, so the amount of rewards will change. So now getting AVAX is getting harder step by step.

What makes the Avalanche platform strong is its strong consensus protocol based entirely on mathematical algorithms. Avalanche describes itself as the 3rd Generation consensus protocol. Avalanche removes the shortcomings of classic and nakamato protocols with its new generation consensus protocol.
In addition, with its flexible architecture, it supports developers to develop systems in accordance with the criteria they determine in their smart contracts and applications, and to work with their own validators on their own subnets. After the Avalanche mainnet was launched, the native AVAX token was immediately listed on some top exchanges; very good collaborations have been announced in the last two months, you can have a look in their medium blog here to follow the advancements and be up to date.